The Google Phone vs. iPhone Battle

The Apple iPhone has come 4 generations to be the top Smartphone in the world, using the best technology that Apple Inc. is known for. However, this was highly threatened by the arrival of an android phone from Google known as Nexus One. Initially, it was dismissed by consumers who seemed to be loyal to Steve Jobs and his camp but after enough research, it was found to give the iPhone a run for its money.

The first thing that was set forth in the Google phone vs. iPhone competition is the fact that the Nexus One is not locked to particular networks like the Apple iPhone. This is an advantage that the Google phone has over the iPhone because it is considered cheaper by any user to join the network provider the offers affordable rates instead of being locked to an expensive carrier.

The Google phone vs. iPhone competition when it comes to the screen has easily been won by Apple. This is because the iPhone screen can switch views by a simple tilt of the phone and the QWERTY keyboard on the touchscreen makes sending messages that much fun. The graphics quality offered by the iPhone also gives the Android a run for its money although as time progresses, Google plan to overtake the iPhone in this department.

There is a feature that is found in the iPhone 4 that may just win the Google phone vs. iPhone battle and that is Facetime. This is a video calling feature that uses Wi-Fi connectivity and also lets the caller use the secondary camera to show the person on the other end their surroundings. If Nexus One can best this, then they may show Apple that they are a force to reckon with.

The one thing that ties them in this tug-of-war is the fact that they are both from trusted brands known the world over. Apple has been behind the Mac, the iPod which is the most successful MP3 player of all time, the iPad which is gaining its own following, and of course, the iPhone. Google is a trusted name in the world of technology and it created this android phone based on the adequate research carried out on what its customers want in a Smartphone.

Other features offered in the iPhone and Nexus One respectively include large storage capacities between 16 and 32GB, a 3 and 5 megapixel camera, Battery life between 5 and 7 hours and 93,000 and 20,000 applications. It is then up to the consumer to decide what suits them.


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