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www.walgreens.com - America's Online Pharmacy. Walgreens happens to be among the largest drugstore chain of the nation. It currently has a fiscal sales figure of $59 billion! This company now operates over 6,730 drugstores nationwide. So you can find the Walgreens Company in 49 US states today. So, don’t be surprised to see traces of it in areas like District of Columbia or Puerto Rico! Walgreens now provides apt accesses to high quality consumer goods or services. Today, this company features pharmacy, health & wellness services that are worthwhile throughout different parts of the US – and that’s no wonder since it has its expansive drugstores. The health service division of Walgreens along with its Health and Wellness division is currently serving a large part of the US population.

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Walgreens Health Services has already built a long standing reputation by assisting the nationwide pharmacy patients. It has substantially contributed to the holistic prescription drug as well as medical plans via its wing called the Walgreens Health Initiatives Inc., which happens to be a reputed pharmacy benefit management institution.

And when it comes to providing solid customer support, you can’t rule out the role played by the Walgreens Mail Service Inc. or Walgreens Home Care Inc. And same goes for Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy LLC as well as SeniorMed LLC, (the latter one is a renowned pharmacy provider catering with longer term care facilities.

Each and every wing of Walgreens Company features excellent customer support and product solutions. For instance, the Walgreens Health and Wellness division features Take Care Health Systems, which has earned the recognition of the largest and the most wide-ranging management worksite catering health & wellness centers along with in-store expedient care clinics. And you have to be impressed at their 700+ service locations throughout the US!

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