The Cartoon Network Company

Cartoon Network Company is currently running its television channel – Cartoon Network. Under the brand name of Cartoon Network, this company is currently running numerous television channels in different parts of the world through Turner Broadcasting (was originally showing animated programming). However, this channel started broadcasting in the US on the first of October, 1992. As of yet, Cartoon Network Studios has been the subsidiary venture of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Besides, the legendary original US network, there’re loads of international feeds. But we are getting to that part later. Let’s take a look at what Cartoon Network Studios has to provide. You actually get animated television mainly. But are considerable amount of motion picture released. Thus the Cartoon Network Company is bringing cartoon characters, images, as well as illustrations to children of all age throughout the world. Their other appealing offers include audio and video clips. 

If you look back in history, it’ll be clear that this company was originally founded in mid 1940s. Then it was known as the Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. But in due courses of time, the company changed its original name into Cartoon Network Studios at the beginning of the 1990s. Many people are not aware of the fact that the Cartoon Network Studios have always been in Burbank of California. 

The Cartoon Net work Company, as we know it, is now having transmissions across Australia and New Zealand. A different transmission is available in Bulgaria. However, the reach of Cartoon Network has reached as far as Central and Eastern Europe. So you can view it in Poland, Hungary or Romania. Known as the EMEA version of Cartoon Network, a version is available in regions like Czech Republic, Russia, and Arab World. The same transmission is viewable in The Netherlands, Greece, as well as many parts of Europe.

Nevertheless, Cartoon Network - www cartoonnetwork com has been branded separately as Europe, which is available in some parts of Europe, Middle East as well as Africa. When it comes to France, there are special programs dedicated for and available in France only. Likewise, the Cartoon Network Germany version has been a major success in Germany too. Paying special attention to India, it has been serving the niche in India, Bangladesh and other parts of this subcontinent. 

Looks like the carted broadcasting and program portfolio of this successful cartoon channels have not left any part of the world. Be it Italy, Japan, Latin America, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, or Southeast Asian regions like Hong Kong, Korea or Maldives - Cartoon Network continues to rule!

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