A Perfect Definition for the Sony Reader

What is the Sony reader? The Sony Reader is simply an e-Reader. It uses an electronic paper in display. This has been developed by E Ink Corporation with a 166 dpi resolution. The display has eight levels of grayscale but in the PRS-900 model they total up to 16. The advanced Sony leader display makes it viewable in direct sunlight. It also doesn’t require power when maintaining its static image.
The colors are also well groomed to improve vision. That is why it is the best in setting up a landscape orientation or a portrait. This article answers all question on what is the Sony reader.

Now, after getting to know what is the Sony reader, the other question is how does it operate? A Sony reader uses an advanced iTunes Store-like interface. This is when purchasing books from any e-Book store. The reader is great because of the magnificent format displays. Among them include Adobe PDF, blogs, ePub format, RSS news feeds, personal documents and JPEGs format. They have high quality graphics and make it easy to use. It can also play MP3 and all kinds of unencrypted AAC audio files.

Currently, there have been six Sony Reader models developed. In September 2006, the PRS-500 was made and released in the market. Readers went on display and in November the same year, the sale had gone beyond borders of United States. The Sony Reader sale has been done by multiple merchants. These include Fry's, Borders, Costco and Best Buy. The Sony Reader e-Book Store, is however only available in Canadian or United states stores.

There is much more about the Sony Reader. The Sony Reader comes with a software package used in its operation. It helps to upload and manage the titles in the system. This keeps it neat and improves efficiency. The software is easy to use and has a great design. The software is well advanced and allows one to download a new version to upgrade it. The reader is therefore keen on giving the best in the industry.

Soon, the Sony reader is rolling all over the world. July 2008, experienced the Sony Reader’s best sale. The PRS-505 Reader was availed in UK on September 3, 2008. Waterston’s is the sole retail partner, but the Reader can still be purchased in other stores. This includes Argos, Dixon and Sony Centers. The red edition is however, only available from John Lewis. Since the launch, other versions have been released. They include PRS-600 and the PRS-300 Pocket Edition. The PRS-700, it is the latest version of the Sony Reader. It has a touch screen with in built lighting. This makes it the most convenient among others. Learn more on what is the Sony Reader by visiting one of the popular electronic websites.

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