The Interesting Part about the Sony Reader

There are rules which govern the digital rights management. This even applies to all kinds of readers. They allow for any e-book to be read on a total of six devices. At least one has to be on Windows or Mac OS X. The owner is prohibited from sharing e-Books on others' accounts and devices. However, the ability to register at least five Readers to a single account is much possible.
All this is to help you learn about the Sony Reader.

These products are really competing within the market. The Sony Reader is together with other great brands in the market. These include Amazon Kindle, the Jinke Hanlin, iRex iLiad, and CyBook. One unique thing about the Sony Reader is that it keeps on updating its version. On August, 2009 a new version was released. The PRS-900 version was launched. It has since given Sony readers a great competitive advantage. This is because it holds great features as compared to other readers. It features a 7" diagonal screen. It therefore competes well with the Amazon Kindle DX. It has proved to be the favorite among all other readers.

The Sony reader was also the first to advance on e-books. This latest version features a free 3G wireless. It therefore does not require a computer to access the Sony e-book store. The Sony Reader has also increased the grayscale level. The display screen has been developed from 8 to 16. This plays a major advantage in the competitive market. It makes it just worth the price.

Another good thing about the Sony Reader is that it supports several formats. It can play the BbeB Book which is its official format. One can easily purchase the format online from the book store. It can also support PDF which is the Adobe's format. The RTF format is also enabled. It allows one to view a universal document. The reader also has Sony Connect software. This helps in converting Microsoft DOC files automatically RTF. Last but not least is the TXT format. It is the basic text format that holds no kind of formatting.

More about the Sony Reader is the way it supports several image formats. JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG image formats are the most common. These are the main image formats used in displays. They can easily be viewed from the Sony reader. It therefore makes a Sony Reader quite convenient. For audio formats, a Sony reader also serves well. MP3 and AAC*5 are the main audio formats. They are used regularly in many audio plays. This can play well in a Sony reader.

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