Target Job Application - Target Job Application. Applying for a job at Target is not hard. You have to first go to their website. Most major retail stores now have online job applications. Target is one of them. You must be at least 18 years old to work an entry level job at Target. But be sure to check, some states do allow a 16 year old to work but for limited hours a week.

Go to - to get started.

First, click career information at Target employment website. This is where you start to open the application process.

You will next choose the position you would like to work. It will give you a choice of locations which have store positions opened, you will choose the one you prefer.

You may save your application by choosing a user name and password. This application will only stay in the system 48 hours before it has to be completed. If you do not finish, you can choose to go to a Target store or Distribution center or simply return to the application online, but you must do so in the 48 hour time frame.

You will be asked at http // all the usual personal information. Be sure to have this handy as a reference. Make sure that you have typed it all in correctly as well.

Never leave an area asking for information blank. If the information asked for does not apply to you then insert "n/a" to show the person reviewing your application that you did not just overlook the area.

If you are a student, you can always use the experience you have as a team player in sports or academics. Be specific and give examples.

The typical starting pay for an entry level job is the hourly minimum wage.

If a summer job is what you are looking for, check out and get started earning money today.,, http //, target employment opportunities, target employment, http //,

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I'm looking to apply for Target job in Canada !!! Where do I go?