Staples Rewards Center - Staples Rewards your Key to Savings! - Do you run your own small business or company? Are you looking for a great and easy to save yourself money on office supplies? Maybe you're just looking for home office supplies for your daily life, but still want to make the most of every penny. If you find yourself wanting a great way to save money that is incredibly easy, then let us spend a few minutes discussing the benefits that using Staples Rewards programs can get you.

First, Staples Rewards is free. Unlike other programs that cost money to join, or credit cards rewards programs where you have high interest rates to pay, Staples Rewards is simply free. Finally, a large company takes another step to reward loyal customers. How does Staples Rewards work? How can it save you money?

Staples rewards work a lot like other rewards programs, where you earn a percentage of all purchases back. But that is the amazing part. At Staples, you earn rewards on every purchase. Not just Staple's brand products, and not just certain categories. Instead, you earn five percent back on everything you buy.

But it does not just stop there. Staple's wants to be your go-to store for all office supplies, but especially for ink printer cartridges. To encourage your business, and that you recycle your old cartridges, they have an unbelievable offer. For every used ink cartridge your bring in to have recycled, they'll give you two dollars in rewards.

If your printer uses a separate cartridge for blank, blue, yellow, and red, then you can earn eight dollars in rewards in one visit. This is on top the incredible prices they have on ink to begin with!

Plus, Staples Rewards members receive free shipping with any online purchase at When you combine these offers with the other Staple's Rewards Members only offer they have throughout the year, this plan is an easy choice to help save money on everything for your home office or business.

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Randy said...

Rewards should last at least 6 months. I have had many expire before using them including some 5/31/2014. 2 months is not enough time but good for Staples so they don't pay them out.