Sony Reader Review-- Improve Your Reading Experience Using Sony Reader

Do you want to improve your reading experience? If yes, then you must go through this Sony Reader review. This reader has some really great features that make it one of the best e-paper readers available in the market. With the exclusive features and the ease of use that the reader provides, Sony Reader has emerged to be the best e-reader preferred by several users worldwide.
The following article presents a detailed Sony Reader review that will help you to understand better about the features of the product before you purchase it.
Sony Reader is built with an E-ink, user-friendly touch screen. This screen gives a feel similar to the use of paper. Similarly, it has an LED backlight built into it that makes your reading easy, irrespective of the lighting scheme used in your room. So, as mentioned, the touch screen, LED back light and the storage capacity are the major features of the device. 

The Sony Reader does not come with a keyboard on its body, and so the device has a very compact look. Instead, the body has a 6-inch touch screen display on it which enhances the visual appeal of the device. It comes with a virtual keyboard on it, and this feature makes the device a smart choice. 

The built-in Search feature is another aspect of the device. In fact this feature improves its ease of use, and you can use it to read any kind of book, and not be restricted to novels or newspapers. So, you can reap advantage from the vast number of e-books available online. 

The device also includes an LED display that improves the reading comfort. The LED light display can be switched on to light up the text that you are reading. At the same time, the reading light is not going to disturb people around you, especially if you are in a public place. This device makes use of the e-ink technology. So, your reading is not affected by the kind of light tone around you. So, you will not have a problem reading from the device even if you are out in the bright sunlight, or if you are in a dim-lit flight. Further, this technology also helps the battery charge to last longer than normal. The battery can hold charge to about a couple of week’s time, at a single charging, and this feature makes it a very convenient companion for travel. 

Furthermore, you can vary the size of the text you are reading to five different variations. You can also zoom out and zoom in the text as required to make your reading a very pleasant experience.

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