Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader – A Comparison

This is the age when e-book readers are becoming more and more popular with the advancements in technology that happen around the world. There are several e-book readers available in the market from various vendors, and you should choose one that suits your requirements the best. Based on the features they offer, there are several articles like Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader available over the internet.
Across the world, both these devices are thought of as good electronic readers.

Let’s look at a few points on Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader that will help you choose the right kind of reader for your use. The Amazon Kindle is a device that helps you to read e-books, brought to the market by the Amazon Company. This reader actually relies on their bookstore. Further, it helps you to access most of the books sold by Similarly, the Kindle provides you with access to various newspapers like The New York Times also. Further, the Kindle makes use of a third generation connection that is powered using Sprint to be able to link to the Amazon's bookstore.

Sony Reader also offers several features, but they are quite different from those offered by Amazon Kindle. One of the main points of discussion when you consider Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader is that Sony Reader makes use of a touch screen device that people can make use of to flip their electronic book pages. Further, the touch screen can be used on books that are in PDF format and books which are not binding the protection policies on them to read. Unlike the Kindle, the Reader provides the users with a backlight built into it, facilitating reading even when it is dark around you.

One of the best features provided by the Kindle is that you have free access to the internet, using a wireless connection. So, Kindle users are able to access the Amazon's bookstore. They can also make use of Wikipedia, or browse the web without having to pay anything for the usage. But, the Kindle users are not too happy about the way in which the controls are laid out on the tool. Also, Kindle should be able to accommodate files only if they are from the Amazon's specified file types.

For these reasons, the Reader is shown to possess more power than the Kindle. Using Reader, you can read many file types, and not Sony's own file types alone. The main drawback with the Reader is as follows: It does not provide you with a wireless internet connection, and so, the users will have to be connected to a computer to be able to use the internet.

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